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We understand the frustration and discomfort of dealing with a wound.  Managing the pain, the medications, and the coverings can be a seemingly endless task. Depending on your condition or where the wound is, covering a wound may not even be physically possible for you.  For these reasons, we proudly offer personalized home wound management programs with the latest in wound management care to help prevent infection and promote wound healing.

Pace's wound care program

Wound Care Treatment 

Wound care management can also be vitally important to diabetes sufferers, who often find that, due to altered blood glucose levels, the wound healing process can be a long and sometimes painful one.  

Whatever the source of the wound, our skilled wound care nurse specialists are prepared to treat and manage them and your pain.  The expertise of our home health nursing and therapy staff allows for proficiency in the management of diabetic ulcers, arterial ulcers, venous ulcers and surgical wounds.

During home visits, our clinicians will perform the following:

Perform a comprehensive physical assessment on each visit and educate you on such topics as infection control, medications, daily safety routine, risk factors, emergency protocols, preventive measures and nutritional support.

Develop and assist you with a customized wound care plan that allows for weekly outcome measurements and use of quality wound care products that will facilitate the best and quickest healing potential.

Communicate regularly with your physician's office regarding your status and progress toward your healing goals.

Provide rehabilitative therapy where appropriate to assist with improved function and safety in the home.

Provide emotional support and counseling to assist you in caring with your wound, coping with your illness, and accessing community resources.

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